Arrrrgh, what in the world is happening!? ...might as well make the most out of it. -holds Bee and feeds with a milk bottle-


Filly- 3/2? what. 

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no theres no frickle frack 

i’m just a lazy mod story-wise



400+ Follower Picture Ideas!


((It’s hard to believe but this blog already has 400+ followers??!?! So, just like the last picture, please give me some ideas!

Theme is preferred, but costume is appreciated! I’ll give you till the end of this week!

What do you want to see Peachy in or doing?))

You know what to do, everyone. c: ]]




After like 6 weeks (Three of those weeks being procrastination), I am finally done with Fever. It was really fun, but a lot more work than I was thinking it would be. 

It includes a deep, twisting plot that revolves around the high school lives of an blonde eye-patch bimbo and her yellow horn horse crush.

1 comic, 12 pretty HD pages for $12! 

This comic includes mature situations and boobs in booby holders. And thigh highs, and bees, and eye-patches. If you can’t handle any of these things, I wouldn’t suggest buying this comic.

The comic is up for $30+ Patreons, $30+ Patreons get Fever and all of my other comics and art packs for free!


What is Bandaid blushing about? Guess who has a tiny cameo? Boobs with obligatory question marks? 

Go and support my friend by buying her comic! Just click that tiny link up there and throw money towards Candle’s way! ]]

"… *hic*

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how's your relationship

Only be in a LDR if you have money and/or time. Other then that, no comment. ]]

Who wants some free art?


So I reach 3 000 followers. Like I always say, I don’t care about the number,  I care about the people. But… Man… 3000 is a lot. it’s almost the number of people in my town! I feel very honored.

Thank you very much !

And for that, I decided to do some requests for 6 lucky people that will be chosen randomly.

Request will be the same quality of a daily cute, with maximum 2 characters and no or minimal background. Of course, I won’t draw anything I don’t normally draw. (explicit, grimdark fluffy pony ect… I think it’s pretty obvious)

To participate, it’s simple, leave a message on this post explaining what you want. No ask or fanmail, just answering the “question” of this post or explaining in a reblog what you want. (and be one of my followers, of course… It’s a 3 000 followers celebration —’)

So, good luck =D

(I also want to mention I’m reopening commissions, details on my deviant art)

I forgot to mention, I’ll pick the winners in one week. The 7th of July.

Coco Pommel enjoying a night on the town in Manehattan with 1920’s American clothing. c: ]]

Pan? What be this Pan? Also, you honestly shouldnt give a shit about some douchebag unfollow. For all you know, it was some deactivated account that got purged or a bot or whatever! Who knows what it could have been. But if they're gonna unfollow for whatever it was, they werent really a loyal follower now were they? The rest of us are still here with ya so c'mere and give us (me) lots and lots of wubs ^w^ <3

Awww, thanks, you sweetie pie. <3 And speaking of followers…

Just 20 more! Maybe I should get to working on a celebration post, hehe… Oh, and happy July 4th to my fellow Americans! ]]

$20 commission of a lovechild between angelicarson’s Phen and Bandaid, named Pan, after the Greek god of the wild, rustic music, spring and fertility.
gosh he’s cute as fuck

Morning reblog! ]]

$20 commission of a lovechild between angelicarson’s Phen and Bandaid, named Pan, after the Greek god of the wild, rustic music, spring and fertility.

gosh he’s cute as fuck

Morning reblog! ]]

Well, someone unfollowed right after I posted Pan. It’s not like it was a blow to my self-esteem. Who cares? I don’t even care.